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Trading is the engine of our business, and energy; in many different physical forms, is the resource which we trade the most. Read more >>


IT & Electronics

GTI Group is one of the electronic component distributors. We provide a wide range of electronics products including… Read more >>


Automotive Industry

GTI Group is also one of the leading providers of automotive auxiliary equipments.  We’re committed to serving the highly…   Read more >>



GTI Group is an aluminum ingot supplier who has been dedicatedly supplying quality minerals with responsible service and per…  Read more >>



According to the Radiology and Imaging Monitors, we cooperate with franchisees throughout Turkey. We also represent Siemens… Read more>>


Agricultural & Food

We feel pride in introducing ourselves as one of the trusted suppliers of agricultural & food products. We are committed to… Read more>>



What Our Clients Say


If you are involved in energy industry and would like to develop your business, you should contact to GTI Group for any energy requirement. We explore and supply our energy and heating coal demand through GTI Group since 2006. With their 20 years track record in the market, they have been the source of crucial guiding for us and they can do the same thing for you, too. We are very pleased and satisfied with the results and progress we have made. We also appreciate their professionalism. I look forward to our continued cooperation with them as they proved themselves time and again.

- Peter R. Jackson

testimonial_quoteThinking GTI Group just as a provider or a partner may not be correct because they handle our company in every way. They have really good sources regarding to the latest trends and knowledge and they did an excellent job of presenting many new ideas to us. They support us in our company’s re-branding process and helped us building our brand positioning in the marketplace. With their excellent strategic experience and know-how on marketing and sales, they effectively manage and lead our company in global network with the help of well-organized team of GTI professionals. 

- Anna Anikov

testimonial_quoteGTI Group is our distributor in Middle East according to hi-tech products for 13 years. As they have a command of the market stunningly, they are making an outstanding job for us. They have a great enthusiasm & expertise for the products that they are delivering. So I have no any hesitations not to recommend them to the other companies who would like to distribute their brand in a new market. I also take this opportunity to thank Mr. Davoud Motallebi for his personal efforts and professional approach till today. Briefly, I highly recommend GTI Group if you want to take your company to the next level. 

- Babek Mamdouh


My cooperation with GTI Group starts by coincidence. While I was searching for sun-flower oil, my friend told me that he could help me and he directed me to GTI Group. After sending them the required specifications info, it just took three days for them to turn me with the best options included all the needed details. So I can easily say that their speed is absolutely unchallengeable.
They work in compliance with the highest international standards with a unique solution oriented style. Our business relationship that starts with sun-flower oil, still continues with palm oil and eggs.

- Lyubov Nikolaienko
Message from The President

Davoud Motallebi

Welcome to GTI Group,

First of all, I would like to thank you for accessing GTI Group homepage. Our Company has been founded in 1993 as an international business development, trading and distribution company. We have expanded our business over the years handling the unique products and services offered by GTI Group.

We are currently involved in a wide range of businesses from energy to consumer products by utilizing our comprehensive supply chain network as well as our know-how accumulated by assisting in GTI Group’s global dilation. The products we handle include coal, oil, petrochemicals, aluminum, iron, electronics & IT related products, medical equipment, and food & agriculture products.

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Davoud Motallebi

Why GTI Group ?

Problems of startup of a relatively small business:

  • Either lack of focus on the business when the partners is huge (resources availability is good),
  • Either lack of resources when the partner is small (focus on the business is high),
  • Launch of the local office and whole infrastructure is very expensive in relation to the business size at the initial stage,
  • GTI – combining advantages of all options,
  • Excellent local & international market knowledge and understanding,
  • Immediate access to the channel,
  • Huge expertise in local marketing and channel acquiring/development,
  • High focus on the product,
  • Transparency of local operations.

So, if you would like to be a partner with leading companies around the world to invest in high quality business opportunities, just contact to GTI Group & meet with our strengths. We, as a leading global business developer company, build the connections that deliver high-quality executions for our clients and create more efficient markets around the world. And remember: “WE DO WHAT WE SAY” is our promise.

GTI Strategy

Our strategy has a clear sense of its business purpose: to help the companies achieve their ambitions in the most efficient way. We are proud of our reputation as one of the most highly regarded business development companies in all over the world. We believe it is a distinction that we earn every day through the quality service we offer and in every interaction with our business partners. We put our industrial knowledge and leading innovation values to our business. We provide customized execution as well as marketing and business strategies. We also empower our clients by combining sophisticated and customized service and analytics with sensible technology and market expertise.

Our focus remains on anticipating expectations and delivering support and present solutions on a highly individualized basis with honesty and professionalism. Our commitment to flexible and responsible service which combined with our experience and passion, we continue to catch the success. We are committed to serve our clients with integrity and professionalism and we value our business relationships. We believe that these exclusive qualities have made our company “First Option” and rank as one of the most regarded business development companies in all over the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and follow the trading opportunities in the global markets by integrating technology & know how, risk management and quantitative research. With that spirit, GTI Group has embraced the integration of trading and technology by devoting extensive time, capital and resources to develop fast, precise and reliable infrastructure and applications.


Our Awesome Partners

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